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Let's build great products together

7C Studio is a full-service mobile app development company that turns ideas into products customers love

Introducing Hello Startups

About Us

who we are

We are a group of engineers and designers set out to build beautiful mobile products.

When we work with you, we want to ensure you are happy along with being satisfied with our work. We make sure we get to understand your unique requirements according to which we bring out our expertise and skills to design and deliver solutions.


Product Focussed

Products we build are our own brand. We heart our products and customers.


We have expertise in all aspects of mobility.

Easy to work with

We are a young and an enthusiastic team, open to receiving feedback


Why do anything if it’s not fun? There’s never a dull day.

what we do


We follow Apple's latest trends. We use open source code and our own in-house frameworks to expedite project delivery. Adept in Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and best practices, our team ensures that your product is nothing short of being the best.


We have a bunch of folks with an unbeatable apetite for knowledge. Our goal is to deliver products that are more than what the customers ask for. With an aim to support a staggering majority of Android users, our team dives deep into making your products compatible with almost all the versions of Android currently used.


Our creative designers give a form to your raw ideas and bring it to life. They are profoundly imaginative and original thinkers, assuring that you have the best User experience.


Whether it be building our own chat server or having our own analytics feed for apps, the backend engineering team has done it all. We are extremely proud to have enthusiasts in our team who present really innovative solutions to some of the most challenging backend issues faced regularly.


Automation is the key part of the rapid development cycle. We have automated the provisioning of new AWS instances, deployment using SaltStack. We deploy code to servers once all tests pass.


We understand the importance of support and maintenance of your projects. Proper maintenance of your code base, proper protocols for enhancement coding are established standards here. We take very little time to scale-up your products and we do it with utmost focus on performance and quality.

we love our work


Ashok Mehta

"In Bangalore, the heart of India's answer to Silicon valley, I spent 6 months in trying to identify a team to build our grocery app. Most were either expensive, impersonal, too large or small.

The first 2 minutes of my meeting with the founder of 7C Studio defined what turned out to be a hugely exciting partnership. It started with an intuitive meeting of minds. A wholistic understanding of the product we wished to create. It evolved to a joint-responsibility for the new-born and a journey of joint-learnings and natural iterations.

7C Studio stands out for their highest level of commitment and ethics. When combined with a talented and enthusiastic team, they offer a level of service that money can't buy. I hugely admire and respect them.

Working with them has been a fabulously productive and fun experience."

T S Ramakrishnan

"I have worked with 7C Studio on multiple projects. The team takes a lot of responsibility and delivers with utmost passion. The level of commitment is impressive.

7C Studio is a young and energetic team. They think beyond the usual. The folks are most willing to go out of their comfort zone and build amazing products.

The team is fun to work with. They make the journey of building the product an exciting and memorable one. Would love to work with them again!"

Bhaskar Kalale

I had the pleasure of working with the 7C Studio team to develop a cross-platform mobile first app. From UI design to actual development, the team was very professional and recognized that requirement changes are a fact of life and accommodated them. They showed intellectual curiosity to understand the business side to suggest changes. I highly recommend their services.