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How much did you struggle to get the money back for that crazy road trip or that get together or that group dinner party, which some people still haven't paid you back for? It's very frustrating and it just doesn’t have to be this way!

Twine is a mobile application that fundamentally changes the way you exchange money with friends, letting you to have fun with your friends rather than getting your money back. In essence, Twine even helps friends avoid disputes about money before it hampers their friendship. Twine simplifies the process of tracking, collecting, and transferring funds between friends in a way that reduces social friction. With Twine, social transactions will no longer have nagging, perceived pettiness, or misunderstandings, all of which damages relationships.


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With Twine, 7c Studio has set out to fundamentally change the way how people pay each other.

When the client came up to us with the vision of changing the way people handle money in their social circles, our team took up the project to themselves. While working very closely with the client, in the US, our team has successfully put life into this unique idea.

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